The Science of Deduction….

I know that you have heard this words above in somewhere…..yes it is from THE famous Sherlock Holmes,The amazing detective with a stupid funny hat. I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes series. First I want to introduce myself. It is necessary because you don’t understand why I am writing this….

I am Tamas Pal(nick name happy) live in West Bengal in India.I have passed my Higher Secondary  examination from a bengali medium school MALLARPUR DHARANI DEBEN SIKSHA NIKETAN.I was a bright student there.In that days I never liked detective stories, actually, then I loved fantasy type stories which have no connection with reality.

Now I am studying Aerospace Engineering in IIEST,Shibpur.Before that I studied B.SC in Physics in Visvabharati University(VBU) in Santiniketan,Bolpur in Bhirbhum. But I left it within one year.In VBU, there teachers were very good. But life was boring there for me. However the main reason behind this  is there students are prepared for IITs-JAM. They have a intension to leave this university and got to any IITs or IISER or foreign institute for M.Sc or PHD but what about the institute which prepare them for higher studies? It is the first and most important reason behind that the reputation of this Rabindranath Tagore’s institute is decreasing.However now I am in IIEST,Shibpur.I think this boring for reader to know about me, but I am going to share thoughts.So, if the reader know something about me then it will be easy for them to understand what I am going to say.

I don’t know who I am or what I am. Obviously, I am a human….. Some people say that they can’t understand me. Some people say that I am a mad.Some say I am a psychopath. But honestly speaking, that I am none of these. In one sentence If you want me to describe myself I shall say that I am a high functioning Sociopathic truth finder. Of course, you are thinking that I am a mad Sherlock Holmes fans, but no. I am  not joking this time….

In my world I follow one rule. I call it one-zero rule. It is like you have wrote a computer program..and run it. Then it only execute what you have written,i.e, what function you have used in program the compiler will not bother the other function which is in the library you have used but not in your program.In real world if some event happens so there must be a particular cause or event or a set of event behind this. These events happened before the particular event that we are dealing with and results this event.


The above image describe what I want to say.The events inside the past light cone is the cause of the events at the observer point. And this point will affect all the events directly or indirectly which are in the future light cone.But we don’t know future so will not bother about it in The Science of Deduction..

Science of Deduction basically deals with the gathering of data,putting it on a meaningful manner and describe a system..but it is not that you put it on a meaningful manner which will give no meaningless will be ridiculous.

I,personally, have started to use it and and found that it is beyond my imagination..I can use it in every branch of science or subjects…But as I am a newbie in it so I have not much information about..and this blog for those who discuss ideas not judge people……..Thank you.

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